J-Dub: It still hasn’t sunk in

What does a Supercars champion do after winning his record seventh title?

That’s other than doing a back flip off the back of a 111-foot yacht and answering thousands (J-Dub’s own words) of media calls?

Despite winning his seventh title in stunning fashion, Jamie “J-Dub” Whincup hasn’t had a chance to stop and soak it all up.

In fact, J-Dub was in bed before midnight Sunday after his win, recovering from a huge day, week and probably just a massive year in general.

Monday morning he was up at the crack of dawn to take on a full day of media calls and sponsor appearances before claiming the Driver’s Driver Award at the annual Supercars Gala Awards that night. Then it was home for a full day debrief with the team at Triple Eight HQ.

Jamie Whincup of Red Bull Holden Racing Team wins the 2017 Supercars Championship at the , at the , , , November 26, 2017.

A little bit of life admin and a beach trip later, J-Dub reached a week post-win and the championship still hadn’t sunk in.

“I’ve had a hectic week and I haven’t stopped. Although it’s been a good mix of fun and work,” J-Dub said.

“I certainly haven’t had any time to reflect on what happened in the final round and the result of our year. No doubt that will come.

“I haven’t watched the replay yet either. I haven’t been able to reflect on any of it – I’m just trying o get through the shenanigans of it all.”

Scott McLaughlin of DJR Team Penske during the , at the , , , November 26, 2017.

So what’s next for our champ?

“I plan to keep pushing through until Christmas and then have three weeks off,” J-Dub continued.

“No doubt it’ll all sink in through that period and I’ll be able to have a good think about what we achieved this year.”

We have no doubt that it’s going to be a very good feeling when it sinks in.