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Live Diary: Bathurst 1000 Thursday

5:15pm – Only ten minutes until the Sandman does a quick lap… Hold tight, it’s going to be EPIC 😉

4:30pm – The highs and lows of Bathurst have already begun (and it wouldn’t be Bathurst without them)! J-Dub and PD finished out strong and were satisfied with how their practice played out. Shane unfortunately wasn’t so happy after a mishap late in the practice.

Let’s hear from the boys, straight after practice, below:

Jamie Whincup:

“Today there is nothing major to report. We are proud of everyone because we had a detailed plan and we stuck to it. It was a tough day for the Red Bull Holden Racing Team in general but for us, we’re on track and there’s nothing major to come out of Thursday. We’ve got a little bit of a vibration which is making our job harder but it’s nothing we can’t fix straight away. We would’ve liked to go a little bit quicker, but there’s no prizes for the Thursday Grand Prix.”

Paul Dumbrell:

“Overall we ran on some old tyres so we finished the session with about 10 minutes to go, so as to not risk the car. Jamie was strong in the last session and finished in the top five. It’s the first day so we didn’t want any risks – we were focusing on the race setup and so far, so good. I did some miles in the Super2 earlier, so I was able to get my eye in there. It’s a long race on Sunday afternoon and the person who wins is mistake-free.”

Shane van Gisbergen:

“The first session was a bit average but we definitely did some good work. In the second one, Matty was able to get comfortable and get better and better and the car was much improved when I got in there. We set some reasonable times and I felt like we were making some good headway and then unfortunately I made a mistake which has made the guys do some unnecessary work to get it going tomorrow but at least now, our car is better.”


2:35pm – Final practice just around the corner… Time to see if we’ve got our wings!

1:45pm – Our co-drivers finished their practice. PD finished P18 and Matty came through in P23. Early days and boys getting comfortable.

12:40pm – Practice 2 is underway with our co-drivers. JDub and SVG look on as PD and Matty take the reins.

12:10pm – It was great seeing all the familiar faces at our signing session. Missed out? Join us again at 2:15pm tomorrow for another one!

11:10am – Practice 1 finished! Car 88 finished P10 and Car 97 finished P23.  The team used the session to make a few changes to the car to see what works and what doesn’t.

9:00am – First practice is underway in 45mins – the drivers are raring to go!

7:30am – The sun is shining as the crowds start to gather on The Mountain.

6:00am – It’s the beginning of the biggest race of the year…. Bring it on!