8:05pm – Lots of tweaks and changes to both cars to get us up to the mark, but we’re almost done. Ready, steady, sleep!

6:35pm – Tonight is a good night. We got cake! Happy birthday to RBHRT crew members Hado and Keysey.

4:20pm – It’s been a bit of a mixed day today, the men behind the wheel will explain it best:


“It was a pretty good day, started average in the first session, we had very bad tyres so just dealt with that and ran through some smaller stuff that we had planned but didn’t learn anything. The second session was really good, Shippy (Grant McPherson, Race Engineer) was on it today and we made good changes, small stuff but everything was in the right direction. I felt like we worked well together so should be a good weekend I hope. Tomorrow will be different but I’m looking forward to it.”

Shane van Gisbergen finishes p3 at Ipswich SuperSprint Friday practice


“We kept working on our plan and our progress, we made some good inroads. The car was okay, we’ve got some work to do, but then we just did a real poor job with the green tyres. We didn’t counteract enough for the green tyre run and the car was terrible, so we’ve got some work to do tonight to make it better. We mainly need more front, the car just didn’t steer on new tyres, so that’s the area we’re looking at. We’re very lucky we’ve got practice three tomorrow, we’d be in trouble going straight into qualifying. We’ll just use practice three to get somewhere in the window. We’ve got to crawl before we walk, we’re a long way off, so we’ve got to get it somewhere there or thereabouts and start the fine-tuning from there.”

Tough practice for Jamie Whincup at the Ipswich SuperSprint

3:45pm – Practice 2 complete – Shane finishes the day in p3 and Jamie in p20.

3:00pm – Qld winter on point!

Ipswich SuperSprint Friday Practice

1:40pm – The first 45mins done and dusted. Lots of changes for both Bulls. SVG p5 and JW p12. Don’t go far, T-minus 1 hour and we’ll be back on track!

12:10pm – Who remembers last year? Seeing as it’s Friday, we’re having a flash back to this time last year…#TripleEightPodiumLockout

2016 Ipswich Triple Eight podium

11:05am – Pit lane is getting busy for the co-driver practice. Our boys, PD and Matty couldn’t make today – busy or something they said 😉 We now have all eyes on our Triple Eight teammate next door, Richo.

9:00am – FAST FACT – Triple Eight has won 12 Queensland Raceway VASC races – more than any other team!

7:00am – Morning from QR! Here’s what we’ve got in store today:

Ipswich SuperSprint Friday on track schedule