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Live Diary: Perth 2019


 Practice 3Second (Fastest Time: 00:53.4650)

Qualifying – Second (Fastest Time: 00:53.3070)

Race 2 – Second

ChampionshipSixth (937 points)

“Obviously we are very happy with the end results.  I feel like we have won the most improved award as we were very ordinary three weeks ago.  The engineers have done a fantastic job to turn things around and give us competitive pace this weekend, but the next step isn’t a click on the dampers or click a roll bar, it’s a lot more involved.  The team next door has absolutely raised the game and they’re in another league at the moment.  I feel that for the good of the sport it’s up to us to do the same thing.  It’s fantastic to beat everyone else but if we are serious, we need to make some big changes to beat Car 17 at a consistent level.  We feel good about maximising this weekend with the tools we had and when we get back, we will sit down as a team and work out how we can get more tools in the toolbox.”



Practice 3Fourth (Fastest Time: 00:53.4650)

Qualifying – Seventh (Fastest Time: 00:53.4514)

Race 2 – Fifth

ChampionshipThird (1,024 points)

“During today’s qualifying we didn’t really get the most out of it like we should have.  We were a tenth away from second but that small difference in time makes a big difference in the positions and obviously still hurts.  The race was good, but I couldn’t quite get enough pace in the middle stint which hurt us in the end.  We have now taken a different approach in set up so it will no doubt be interesting at Winton.  It is a different track; twisty and bumpy in comparison to smooth and flowing here in Perth.  The different set up philosophy will it work there?  I’m not too sure but after this weekend it looks like we have taken the step forward that we have needed to be more competitive.”


2100:  Long, long day and as the crew gets cracking on packing up the garage so we can head on out of here, it’s time to catch the drivers (who surprisingly have dove straight into helping out with pack up and are on their hands and knees getting the floor stickers off.)



2020:  Last time we hit the podium was in Tasmania and that seems like donkey’s years ago.

2000:  83 laps seems to be taking forever – anyone else curious to see if there will be any time remaining for SVG do another take over?



1915: Get a good close look.  That’s right seems like we may have finally got those pit stops right.


1845:  Green light and JDub had a cracker start – you want to talk about getting ahead of the game that was next level.

1800:  We’ve been told there will be quite a spectacle put on tonight.  Shame we won’t be able to see the big picture!

1600:  Heading straight into data review and debrief to set up a game plan.

1540:  How he does it we don’t know?  Well maybe the engineers do but if anyone can do it we guess it’s JDub.

JDub – P2 — 00:53.3070

SVG – P7 — 00:53.4514

1530:  Who knew JDub was a fan of Eminem … if you had one shot – one opportunity and you know the rest.

1515: There’snot enough time for commentary and updates with this qualifying format.




1505:  By now we are sure you know how it goes – aim is top ten.


1430:  Qualifying is right around the corner but we are sitting Q1 out thanks to this morning’s practice run.

1345:  Seems like we are constantly leaving it to last minute.  Got no nails left and still have qualifying and the race left.

JDub – P2 –00:53.4650

SVG – P4 — 00:53.6262


1340:  ATTENTION! ATTENTION! … The bulls have found their wings.


1325:  In the mean time we are going to show you some scenes from the garage and there is a lot of rolling around happening.



1320:  Oh yep not exactly sure what is going on at the moment – we are no doubt scratching our heads, fingers, toes and eyes all crossed – surely the engineers have it all taken care of, I am they do know what they doing right?

1300:  Hear we go – the mayhem is about to begin!

1100:  It’s a good thing we are starting late today and the drivers have had their beauty sleep – way to much driving crammed into this afternoon and late evening it should be illegal!

1000:  How spectacular was yesterday’s night race – we are ready to do it all again tonight except bigger, better and faster!


Saturday 4 May



Practice 218th (Fastest Time: 00:53.8985)

Qualifying – Third (Fastest Time: 00:53.1223)

Race 1 – Fourth

 “We ended up with a decent result tonight in comparison to the last few races.  At the start of the race, the car in front had a bad start so we were able to capitalise and move up to P2.  At the end of day however it’s all about pace.  Pace wins races and gets podiums.  We weren’t quick enough today and unfortunately got passed by car 17 in the pits and then Mostert came through.  Towards the end I had a cracker battle with SVG which hopefully everyone enjoyed.  It’s always cool racing under the lights, makes it more of a spectacle and to see so many people coming out for a night race is great.  Fingers crossed we make the car even better for tomorrow.”





Practice 210th (Fastest Time: 00:53.7237)

Qualifying – Sixth (Fastest Time: 00:53.2827)

Race 1 – Fifth

 “The first half of the race was not too exciting and then we tried to get a longer stop to see if we could make up the lost time somewhere in the end.  The start of the race wasn’t all that great as we lost a couple of positions there.  I really need to sort out my starts for tomorrow as previously they have been quick and good but in the last couple of rounds something has changed so it needs to improve and be better.  The atmosphere isn’t too bad but it’s dark out there on the track.  We didn’t really change the set up too much from this morning which is good as we had a much better result at the end of the day.  We are about where we thought we would be but obviously still need to be better to get to the top of the podium”


2015:  Quick gathering of words before dinner and debrief.


1940:  JDub holds off SVG.

JDub – P4 — 00:54.0289

SVG – P5 — 00:54.1159


1925:  Okay now there is something wrong with this picture – JDub and SVG nose to tail with JDub not budging.  After watching SVG’s smooth moves who knows how this is all going to pan out!

1920:  Yep here’s proof.



1915:  A lot going on from both drivers as they keep pushing the driver in front to get ahead.



1845:  Racing under the lights – it’s all fire, smoke and sparkles in Perth!

1815:  30 minute signal can only mean one thing – we are 30 minutes away from race time!

1730:  Down time for the drivers – shhhhhhhh do not disturb.



1615: When you’re done with Q3 and still standing – well done JDub and SVG, that was nail biting! Nice top spots for lining up on the grid for race 1 tonight.

JDub – P3 — 00:53.1223
SVG – P6 — 00:53.2827




1555: Anyone else suffering from anxiety with this three part qualifying? Fingers can’t keep up with typing.



1555: While JDub takes a 5 second breather, SVG starts to fly around the track. We are looking for top 10 finish.

1535: JDub made the cut.


1525: Q1 ready.

1515: We are crossing our fingers for qualifying – need to make it through three sessions to be into the top 10 positions of the grid.


JDub – P18 — 00:53.8985

SVG – P10 — 00:53.7237

1200: Still not much happening. Did a quick run around for a signing session with our fans and it’s already lunch time. Might need to stuff our faces after practice though.

0900: Night racing got us all over the shop – not used to getting a sleep in and late starts during race weekends.


Friday 3 May



Practice 1 – 1st (Fastest Time: 00:53.4430)

“At the moment it’s early days; it’s only Thursday and as always is the case with practice you don’t know who is running what tyres or anything, but the reality is that in comparison to Phillip Island no matter what tyre we had on, at what stage of the session we struggled to be competitive. With this result we seemed to be competitive early on, so very happy to finish the session in P1. It was a super close session and obviously doesn’t guarantee anything for the weekend. It’s much nicer to roll out of the truck and have an opportunity of a good result this weekend as opposed to the last couple of rounds. The session was tougher than expected as we had a few mechanical issues and some other things that were a little uncharacteristic, but we will try to iron all that out for tomorrow. There is still a lot of work to be done and no doubt after today everyone will step it up.”



Practice 111th (Fastest Time: 00:53.8015)

It was alright out there on the track. The track is lit well so it’s a lot brighter in comparison to last year when we raced in Sydney, but even so it’s still dark out there when you are driving around. Everything seems to be going by much faster when you’re out there probably due to the grip level on the tyres due to the resurfacing and obviously because it’s dark. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the best run in the practice session, so we have a lot to figure out heading into tomorrow’s qualifying and race.”


1945: Catching up with drivers and we all know that tomorrow is another day to try out a few more things.

1915: Somehow JDub has done it and found the rhythm that’s needed. Don’t bet on it yet only was practice but hopefully practice makes perfect.



1840: Rolling out for first practice. Lights, Camera and DRIVE!!!



1825: Gearing up for practice and you hear – DUDE where’s my car?

1715: Oh yes but not without doing a merchandise visit for our fans. The sun is still out shining bright. Perth, how are you so warm and yet it’s so cold overnight?

1600: Still thumb twiddling waiting to get our chance out on track. If you think you’re eager to see the bulls out there can you imagine the drivers?!?

1300: Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you all. Drivers have had lunch and are now in a blackout period after a jam packed day of sponsorship appearances yesterday.

1030: Never start with the weekend without a track walk. New surface, racing in the dark – anyone else wonder what the drivers thought of it all? No doubt we will see what they’re all up tonight after a team briefing session to talk it all over.

0900: Good morning Perth and how great it is to have a later start to the day. With that being said there will be some late nights but we’re sure the racing will make up for it all!


Thursday 2 May