Thursday 8th September

5:10pm – SVG ON TEST DAY – “It was pretty great going around and around in circles at QR again, ha!! The main thing today was to get Alex some laps in, as we had a lot to try out with him. What we found to be harder was the driver change-outs, mainly because there is no elastic used in the seat belts this year across the category, so we have been busy putting different systems in place. We have de-brief tomorrow so it will be great to run through everything from today, but we (Alex and I) are feeling ready for Sandown.”

3:59pm – PD ON TEST DAY – “We’ve been doing this for awhile now, JDub and I, but that doesn’t mean it’s always straight forward. Today, however, ran really well, much better that the last time we tested and found the vibration in the car.”

3:02pm – Hey SVG, parlez-vous francais?


2:11pm – A few setup changes has us progressing into the afternoon with some tricks up ourselves. Both bulls are running well.

1:36pm – AP ON TEST DAY – “It has been a really good day on track. This track I have driven before, but it would have been two years ago nearly. It is actually a hard track despite being very simple when you look at it. The long corners make it hard to find the limit. We have had a couple of practices with the driver change and pit stops ahead of next week, but it would be good to do some more. I am happy with what we have been doing and am very comfortable in the car.”

12:52pm – SHIPPY ON 97 “We are changing up the car for the rest of the day. It’s a move that both #88 and #888 have done before, so we are implementing it so see how the geometry sits. It has done great things for the other two cars.” #mysterous

12:12pm – LUNCH TIME. Mario’s cooking up some burgers and a splash and dash with the Red Bull so we can get out on track ASAP.

11:31am – Time for some pitstop practice and driver change-outs to get us enduro ready.


11:02am – CAUCHI AT THE TEST “This morning has just gone smooth. Paul was up to speed immediately, like a true professional, and the car is great. Happy days.”

10:34am – DUTTO AT THE TEST “All is running pretty smoothly, like any Test Day we have had a few up’s and down’s, but that’s why we are here.”

9:53am – Bird? Plane? Nope, it’s PD!


9:11am – Great start. The sun is shining and we are clocking some fast laps around the QR track. Reminds us of the cracker weekend we had over a month ago at our local track.

9:00am – Smack on 9am we are out – like we said we would be!


8:03am – Having some driver changeover practice to start the day. Same-old-same-old for JDub and PD, but all new for SVG and AP. Differences in body types meant alterations needed for AP to sit correctly and comfortably in SVG’s chair.

7:32am – Hang on Richo. We know you are keen to have a drive, but wrong car mate! #yoursisthebrightredone


6:15am – Rise and shine, it’s test day time. Always at the track bright and early to make sure we are more than prepared to hit the track at 9am.


Wednesday 7th September 

5:43pm – We spy…..SVG. Popping in for some last minute touches on car #97. A few adjustments needed for AP to feel comfortable, but nothing we all can’t handle!


5:29pm – Tomorrow will be the first time PD will get a chance to drive “Alana”. It’ll be interesting to hear his thoughts on JDub’s new leading lady.


4:22pm – PD is in the house! Jamie and his co-driver Paul Dumbrell are giving us some serious #squadgoals in this snap.


4:00pm – All hands are on deck ready to pack the transporter and head to QR for our annual pre-ensuro Test Day tomorrow. We are pumped to have all our driver and co-driver duo’s ready to give the beasts a whirl.