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Perth Top Ten Snaps

As Jamie said, people are being really doom and gloom about the fight on our hands this year. We don’t see it like that. We’re positive peeps this end of pit lane and we’re loving being pushed to the limit to extract every little bit of performance our cars and team have to offer. Sometimes we nail it, sometimes we don’t, so here are our top 10 shots from the Perth SuperSprint that sum this all up.

Competitive much?

Shane van Gisbergen, Jamie Whincup and Craig Lowndes karting session ahead of the Perth SuperSprint this weekend. Australia on May 4, 2017

The boys were told to go for a gentle spin to warm up the karts for our T8M8s. Did they listen? No. Did we expect them to? Hell no!

Spaceships on tour

Red Bull Holden Racing Team transporters

The shiny new spaceships/trailers got their first outing, making the epic road trip across the country to Perth. One event in and we’re still swooning over them. Missed the update? Find out more about the latest additions to the family here.

The flying Kiwi

Shane van Gisbergen on two wheels at the Perth SuperSprint, Barbagallo Raceway

Friday got off to a sweet start for SVG when he set a new lap record in practice – a blistering 0:54.7762. It then got broken in qualifying, but oh well. We’ll hang onto that moment!

The Weather Gods were good

Shane van Gisbergen and Red Bull Holden Racing Team in the sun at Barbagallo Raceway

Yes, it’s really boring to talk about the weather, but after the last couple of events we were starting to worry we’d never see the sun again. And remember last year in Perth? It was a welcome change not to see a cloud in the sky all weekend. Thank you, Perth, you beauty!

Two by two

Red Bull Holding Racing Team cars on the grid at Barbagallo Raceway

Of course, if we were to choose a row to claim, it would be the front. But in this game beggars can’t be choosers. A second-row lockout looked pretty sweet to us for Saturday’s race!

Smiles for miles

Jamie Whincup Red Bull Holden Racing Team smiling on the grid

You know life is good when you get to drive round and round in circles and it makes you smile this much 🙂

Pit stop races

Jame Whincup in a pit stop at the Perth SuperSprint

After the false start to the Pit Stop Challenge in Tasmania, we finally kicked it off in Perth. Unfortunately we didn’t have quite the pit-lane pace that we wanted…

Podium party

Champagne on the podium for Jamie Whincup, Red Bull Holden Racing Team

Everyone loves a good swig of champagne after a podium finish. It does tend to taste better when it’s accompanied by a P1 trophy, but we were very happy to take home two thirds for the event.

Garage luxe

Perth SuperSprint Red Bull Holden Racing Team garages

Maybe this sounds a little weird, but we LOVE the garages in Perth. When the RBHRT pits are set up on the Thursday, spic and span for the weekend ahead, they really do make the ultimate man/girl-cave.


Red Bull Holden Racing Team garage at the Perth SuperSprint

Who doesn’t love a good artsy shot?