Here at RBRA we believe that many hands make ‘right’ work. Whether its on track or off track, every team member is just as valuable as the next. So we thought we would shine light on one of our hidden gem’s, Chris Brady, for some behind the scenes insight.

We’ve seen you out and about on the track, what is it that you do?

I have many titles including team Mum (kind of frightening), but my official title is Team Welfare. With training initially as a physiotherapist, I completed the specialisation process in sports physio in 2009.   My specific background is in sports with high coordination requirements and my special interest is in skill acquisition. I joined the team in 2005.

So what are your key responsibilities when it comes to looking after the drivers?

The key role in looking after the drivers is in helping manage the variety of processes they perform in the team. While it seems obvious that the drivers need to perform well on track, it’s perhaps more of a surprise that they have a pivotal role in car development over a race weekend, and that they also have responsibilities to the media, and to sponsors. Helping the drivers to transition between these roles is important for the optimisation of their performance and maintenance of their physical health and sanity!

We all know race weekends are long, stressful and tiring, what’s your secret to keeping on top of it all from a health perspective?

Sleep is for the weak! In general, the people who perform well in race team over many years are people who cope well in a sleep deprived environment. For some this means heavy use of the sleep bank prior to a race weekend, but for most it means making the choice to love what’s good about it, and manage all of the other variables that you can! You can see our relationship with Red Bull is like a marriage made in heaven!

Is there any preparation you assist the drivers with before a race weekend?

We have a driver blackout period before they get in the car and we have a series of processes to go through. These processes change with time, and with specific needs, but have some components that stay the same. Just like getting ready for school or work!

What is your favourite part of a weekend?

Helping any member of the team get the best out of themselves. We all play a small part in our results.

Sounds like you are ‘in’ with the drivers…do you have any driver room secrets to share? Or does what happens in the driver room stay in the driver room?

The drivers’ room has it’s own postcode. What happens on tour, stays on tour. Oh, except that Craig has a thing for Chad Kroeger from Nickelback. JW and I support you mate. I’m sure with therapy you can rehabilitate…