Inquisitive little bunch of fans, aren’t you? We’ve had a fair few questions coming to us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it, with queries directed to the big boss.

It’s been a hectic year; there is no doubting that, so we don’t blame you for wanting to know the answers to questions that might keep you up at night (we’ve always wondered, do fish get thirsty?).

Now, some questions us mere mortals know the answers to, but some just need to be answered by the head honcho himself. Take it away RD…

How do you feel about the two drivers going head to head at the Sydney 500?

A lot better than if one of them was going head to head with a driver or drivers from other teams! I think it’s a great testament to the work that both drivers and the whole team have done this year. Success in this sport is always judged in relative terms to your competitors, so for both Shane and Jamie to be together at the top of the ladder ahead of the other 24 competitors means that the year has gone well regardless of the outcome of their individual battle.

How did you feel when JW knocked SVG at Pukekohe? You always say race hard, but don’t take each other out, right?

It wasn’t brilliant to be honest, but Jamie was very honest immediately about where the fault lay. It probably also only cost Shane one place in the end so the outcome was fair.

How’s being an Aussie citizen? We are still waiting to see you wear thongs to the race track!

I’m very proud to be a citizen. It means a lot to me, partly for historical reasons. But I do think that a lot of citizens don’t really appreciate how lucky we all are to live in this country and to be able to take for granted so many things in our lives. Every time I return from a trip overseas, regardless of where I’ve been, I thank my good fortune in being able to call Australia (and Brisbane!) home.

What’s been your favourite race this year?

Hard one… but probably that first 1/2/3 at Perth with Craig winning on a different strategy.

Any chance of going to four cars soon?

No. If we had a dollar for every time we’ve been asked to run four cars, we’d be in clover forever!

Why did you bring Sam Michael on board? What can you see him offering to the team?

I want to give everyone here, particularly (but not only) the engineers, the opportunity to soak up over 20 years of top line motorsport experience from Sam in the form of a mentoring role whereby he can help them bring out the best in themselves. I am not an engineer, but I do have a pretty sensitive bullsh** detector and I can sense already the difference that Sam has made to the confidence of the guys and girls in believing in themselves. There’s little that Sam hasn’t seen and/or done in this sport over the years and he’s in an almost unique position to be able to impart some of his wisdom into the next generation – and I think he genuinely wants to do that, whilst also facilitating the crew here in increasingly answering their own questions themselves.