Rain and red flags for Winton practice

It was a day of rain and red flags at Winton as the Red Bull Racing Australia drivers overcame challenging practice conditions to finish fourth and seventh in the final session.

With less than ideal conditions and sessions interrupted by red flags, getting a good flying lap in proved easier said than done on the twisty Victorian circuit.

Craig, who finished the stronger of the two Red Bull Holdens, said the conditions were the day’s biggest challenge, but tomorrow will hopefully prove to be a different story: “We’re still a little bit behind on the ultimate lap time which I think is a little bit to do with me and a little bit to do with the car and of course tomorrow is a brand new day.

“We have a little bit of work to do tomorrow but if we can get all the combinations right and see what the weather does, I think we’ll be in good shape.”

Meanwhile on the other side of the garage, the Car 1 crew also struggled perfecting the car setup for the tricky conditions.

“The days don’t get much tougher than what we had today,” Jamie said.

“Between the changing weather and track conditions, it doesn’t get much rougher and we’re looking at a whole new partnership when you chuck all those factors in the mix. We didn’t get the car right today and we ended up well down the order today across all the practice sessions.

“The positive thing to take out of today is we gathered some good data and we’re confident that we’re now headed in the right direction.”

Tune in tomorrow from 11am AEDT for two 10 minute qualifying sessions, with the first of the two races kicking off at 2pm. Check out the telecast schedule here.