RBRA gain boost from Air & Allied Sales and Paoli Pit Stop partnership

A pit stop can make or break our race here at Red Bull Racing Australia, which is why we’re always looking for that extra edge in the search to save time.

It takes a full team effort to get the boys in and out in the blink of an eye – get it right and we can gain track position, get it wrong and a race or championship can be lost.

Naturally, that started the brains here at Triple Eight ticking over to find a solution and we’ve put our heads together with the teams from Air & Allied Sales and Paoli Pit Stop, to develop new wheel guns to help find those extra gains.


Paoli pit tools come with some pretty nifty credentials – they’re used by many of the teams in Formula One as well as within Indycar and NASCAR.

The joint project has been over a year in the making and we’re pretty stoked to have seen some real gains made during development.

Overall the new V8 Supercar pit guns are 1.2KG lighter than the old versions used by the team – a pretty significant saving when you consider the guys are swapping over a 21KG tyre at speed during a stop.

Along with the better manoeuvrability, we’ve also seen an increase in reliability and cost effectiveness with just one component needing to be replaced after 650 pit stop trials.

At RBRA we like to share the love so it won’t be just us using the new Paoli tools either. As part of a three-year deal with Air & Allied Sales the V8 specification pit guns will be made available to the entire V8 Supercars paddock.