Fans find their wings with Red Bull Racing Australia

With testing days in 2013 harder to come by than a good prime ministerial candidate, J-Dub and Lowndesy jumped at the opportunity to get back in their VF Commodores this week and give back to the fans who have made them household names.

Well, by give back we mean squeeze them into a confined space devoid of oxygen and throw them side-to-side at 250km/h around Eastern Creek.

While Winton may be a little over two weeks away, the endurance season is sneaking up at a rapid rate and in preparation the full-time duo were joined by co-drivers Chops and Danger to share in more than 140 laps between them.

Luckily, we didn’t see a recurrence of the tyre blow-outs that plagued J-Dub’s race three in Queensland last month but the ride day wasn’t without its challenges.

“We only have a small bank of used tyres to work from so as the grip levels diminish the car tends to get a little loose at times,” J-Dub said with a grin.

“We gave a few of them a good scare, all within our control of course, and overall it was an enjoyable day. It’s good to be in more of a relaxed environment and give the Red Bull Racing Australia fans more of a hands-on experience and a real feel for what it’s like in the car.

“It’s not often we get to interact as we’re always so busy in the middle of a race weekend.”

From teenagers to 73-year-old grandfather Ray, Red Bull fans emerged from all walks of life to spend some time with the Red Bull family.

And if we’re being totally honest, it’s a little disappointing that no one lost their lunch – outside of the car of course.

Looks like the Red Bull Racing Australia extended family are a tough bunch – and perhaps just a little bit crazy…

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Stay tuned for our catch-ups with Chops and Danger in coming days as they prepare to take control of both J-Dub and Lowndsey’s championship destinies.