Red Bull Racing Australia takes over the sand and the skies

Why sit in an office all day when you could be at the beach? Jamie and some of the Red Bull Racing Australia team had that exact same thought today. So off to the coast they went.

But this was never going to be an opportunity for them to soak up the sunshine or for J-Dub to even out those trucker’s tan lines acquired on the Bathurst convoy.

Nope, this was going to be a beach session for the rev-heads. Luckily our guys are quite well suited to that!

With Surfers Paradise as the backdrop, the Red Bull Racing Australia Commodore took to the sand, engine revving, ready to lap up the stretch ahead.

Wait, a race car on the beach? Because that’s never been done before…

How about Race Car vs. Stunt Plane on the beach? Now we’re talking!

“It definitely got the adrenaline pumping today on the beach with the Red Bull stunt plane.” Jamie said.
“I want to bring it home for my local crowd. Bring on Gold Coast 600!”

Tune in next week when we’ll be bringing you the video of the Red Bull Holden taking on the stunt plane on the beaches of Surfers Paradise.