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SVG claims his 150th Supercars podium with a win at Winton

Broc Feeney – Car #88
Qualifying, Race 14 – Ninth (1:18.9183)
Qualifying, Race 15 – 11th (1:18.8113)
Race 14 – 12th
Race 15 – Seventh

Championship standingsSeventh (887 points)

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Qualifying, Race 14 – Second (1:18.5509)
Qualifying, Race 15 – Second (1:18.4918)
Race 14 – First
Race 15 – Second

Championship standingsFirst (1376 points)


Broc Feeney – Car #88
“Qualifying was definitely our weakness this weekend, especially today. I felt like we definitely had the potential to put together a good qualifying lap yesterday, but today’s qualifying wasn’t the same. We were further back than what we wanted and what we were capable of for the race. I improved my start in the first race compared to yesterday, but I just got hung out to dry on the first lap and dropped a few places. From there, it was follow the leader for the guys in front of me, and it was a really tough race. The car felt a lot better so I knew we made an improvement, and emphasis was to capitalise on that for the second race. We knew we had to do something different in that race, and we knew we needed clean air. When we did, we had a fast car. I pitted really early, got out and got some clear air which made us quick. Brodie (Kostecki) came out and we got stuck behind him which hampered our result in the end. I think seventh was pretty solid in the second race. It’s been a pretty tough weekend for myself, but I’m looking forward to having a few weeks off, refreshing and getting ready to go again for the second half of the year.”

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
“The first qualifying session was amazingly close – 0.0006 which was really cool. Both Cam (Waters) and I were pushing really hard this weekend, and he just got us. In the second qualifying session, I didn’t maximise, but I was still lucky enough to be second. If I was on the wrong side of half-a-tenth, I would have been sixth or something, so I got very lucky there. Our boys have been pushing so hard with pit stops and it’s paid dividends. All of the practice they’ve put in enabled us to put a lot of pressure on some of the other teams during the race. Because of that, we managed to get the undercut, and I pulled a pass, but it was set up because of the guys in the pits. In the last race, we had to do something different. They looked like they made a tweak to Cam (Waters’) car which made it better, so we had to try something different by changing three tyres. The extra tyres gave us the fastest lap too, so it worked out well for us.”