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SVG wins the Jason Richards Memorial Trophy in a Pukekohe finale thriller!

Broc Feeney – Car #88
Qualifying, Race 28 – Second (1:02.1714)
Qualifying, Race 29 – Fourth (1:02.2157)
Race 28 – Eighth
Race 29 – Fourth

Championship standingsSixth (1852 points)

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Qualifying, Race 28 – Pole (1:02.1092)
Qualifying, Race 29 – Eighth (1:02.3191)
Race 28 – First
Race 29 – First

Championship standingsFirst (2782 points)

Teams’ Championship standingsFirst (4634 points)


Broc Feeney – Car #88
“We had good qualifying results today. We made the cars quite a lot faster overnight because we both struggled yesterday. To roll out today and get a front row lockout for the first race was awesome, and then to back it up with P4 was great. We needed to improve a little bit on that second qualifying result, but overall it was pretty good. The first race today sucked. We got off the line and was in third place but I got roughed up quite a bit. I dropped back quite a long way, but we managed to claw back to P8 in the end. It was a bit frustrating to go from the front row all the way back there because we know in clean air we’re fast, and if we stayed up the front we could have hung on for a podium. In the second race, we were running strong and Andre (Heimgartner) overcut us because he had an awesome pit stop and had a lot of pace. He came out in front of me, then Davo (Will Davison) had that issue and then Shane (van Gisbergen) got out in front of me as well. Overall, it’s been a good weekend. We’ve been pretty fast all weekend but I’m pretty bummed to miss out on a podium because we had the pace today, but we’re definitely heading in the right direction towards Bathurst.”

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
“It’s been a very special day. We’ve been really struggling with the car in a couple of areas and I couldn’t fix the car, but Andrew (Edwards) did a really cool tweak for that last race which made a huge difference. Our qualifying was ok this morning in one session but not the other, and I was only good in the first race because I had clear air. I knew we had to change something to the car, and Andrew did his thing – I don’t know what he did but it worked a treat. Right from the start I knew I had a good car, and guys in front of me kept pitting and I kept getting clear air. I noticed Andre (Heimgartner) was battling at the hairpin for a couple of laps and I knew I’d be able to jump some people. When I came out after my pit stop, I stayed up it and had some good battles with Andre and Cam (Waters). I felt good in the car, especially in the last race. Seeing the crowd on the hill and the responses when I passed someone – even when I was side-by-side with Cam (Waters) you could see them going wild, it was pretty motivating and made it hard to focus. When I passed Cam (Waters) into the hairpin, the crowd went nuts, and to me it was better than Bathurst. This is one of the all time greatest moments in my motorsport career. The way we won that race, and seeing how much it meant to everyone and how much it meant to Andrew (Edwards), it was so special to him. He worked with JR (Jason Richards) and was very close to that team, and to have Jase’s parents there made it very cool.”