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The countdown has begun

The time has come, the bulls are amped up to charge at this weekends Adelaide 500 event. Marking the final race of the 2023 Supercars Championship, it all comes down to the race 500 kilo-meters which #88 and #97 will each clock up over the 25th and 26th of November. 

The battle continues at Adelaide with SVG sitting in second, 131 points behind the current championship leader, and BFeen sitting in fourth, only nine points away from third position. And let’s not forget about the team’s championship, Red Bull Ampol Racing is currently in second for the team’s championship, 170 points behind the current leader. 

Adelaide brings back good memories for the team, at the Adelaide 500 event, the team have secured a total of 19 race wins, and 7 overall wins. Out of the four Supercars Championship races in history that have been held on the 25th of November, Triple Eight Race Engineering have not secured a win, however, the team have a 100% win rate for races held on the 26th of November. The more you know huh! 

This race also marks SVG’s last Supercars race for the foreseeable future, we hope to see him back on a Supercars track soon, but are extremely excited to see what incredible things he’ll achieve over in the US on his NASCAR journey! Well… with that being said, let’s get down to the facts of the track.   

Location: Adelaide Parklands, Adelaide, South Australia

Circuit Length: 3.22kms

Lap Record: 1m 18.67s 

Race Format: Two 250-kilometre races. 

Onto the nitty gritty now, hear what BFeen and SVG have to say about the upcoming event. 

Broc Feeney – Driver, Car #88

“I’m pretty excited to be heading back to Adelaide for the last race of the year. It’s the place I got my first win so I am looking forward to going back again! There is a lot on the line for the final round, Shane is in for a chance of the driver’s championship and we’re just behind in the teams’ championship. For the team, hopefully it’ll be a good weekend. This event is always a lot of fun and the fans are always awesome. It’s Shane’s last race for the time being, so hopefully we can make it a good one!”


Shane van Gisbergen – Driver, Car #97

“I am looking forward to the event, and to my final-full time Supercars for now. The team have been working hard back at the workshop to prep the cars for the race. It’s going to be a tight race but hopefully, we can deliver some good results on track.”

Head to the Supercars Official website to see the event guide and details for this weekend.