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The drama of Bathurst

We’re a week out from the biggest race on the Supercars calendar and we look forward to another race jam-packed with action and drama.

The Bathurst 1000, beginning this Thursday, has seen some epic battles over its years and no one knows them more so than Red Bull Holden Racing’s Jamie “J-Dub” Whincup.

Despite winning the title four times, J-Dub enjoys the next race as much as the last, and thrives on the drama that makes the Great Race.

The last three years saw J-Dub in good contention for the title before late drama hampered his chances.

Yet, the misfortunes and missed opportunities don’t faze the 34-year-old as he thrives on the ferocity of the race and sees each and every chance as a privilege.

“I’ve forgotten about it (late-race dramas for last three years),” Whincup told

“The cool thing is in a week, week-and-a-half’s time, there’s going to be another set of sagas and dramas surrounding The Great Race and I hope I’m involved in them,” he said.

“I hope I’m competitive and can get up there and be part of what makes The Great Race. That’s what we’re focusing on, you don’t take pace for granted and being a contender up there for granted.

And each race throughout the regular season may play out dependent on a team’s strategy but it’s the Bathurst 1000 that each and every driver wants to win.

“I’m rapt I’ve been a contender (for) the last five years and I want to try to make sure I do that again this year.

“I’ve gone up there and raced as hard as I can. My strategy will be exactly the same again this year and I will absolutely go hard and try to win the race.”

“It’s the one event where second means nothing, you want to win, so that’s the strategy.”

Next week will see J-Dub line up with his co-driver PD for the sixth time and battle it out in his favourite race of the year.

“Some of the battles have gone my way, some of them haven’t. I’m grateful for all of them and I’m just pumped (that) we can do it all again next week.”

Despite the result, if there’s drama involved you can guarantee J-Dub is at the centre of it.