The RBRA fantasy calendar

With all this talk of calendar changes in 2016, we got thinking about the ultimate V8 Supercars fantasy schedule – no track is off limits and no destination is too far. And of course there’s no such thing as a budget, with fans receiving free travel and accommodation to watch every race. Let your motorsport imagination run wild…

Disclaimer: this is a completely non-feasible calendar and has about as much chance of happening as RD does of becoming Formula 1 world champion. Please don’t rain on our fantasy parade!

Round 1 – Clipsal 500, Australia
Don’t fix what ain’t broke. The Adelaide street race opens the V8 Supercars season with a bang and we’re very happy to keep it that way. Capiche?

Round 2 – Highlands Motorsport Park, New Zealand
Then it’s across the ditch to visit our Kiwi friends. It may be a fantasy calendar, but it still needs to make geographical sense… kind of. The stunning South Island circuit would make an epic setting for a V8 Supercars race.

Round 3 – Suzuka Circuit, Japan
In the interest of ensuring teams and visiting fans alike can hit the snow post-race, the series will then jet up to Japan to catch one of the last weeks of the ski and snowboard season. Oh, and race of course because Suzuka is a mega track.

Round 4 – Singapore…. Singapore
As this is a make-believe scenario, it would be silly to think we have anything less than complete control over the Formula 1 calendar as well. When we want to. So naturally they will bend to our wishes and move the Singapore Grand Prix to fit with our timetable. “Why partner with F1?” you might ask. If the tales are anything to go by, that weekend is truly awesome. No 12 lap races though.

Round 5 – Chang International Circuit, Thailand
Apart from this being a brand new track with only a handful of categories having competed there already, it’s on our list partly for nostalgia’s sake. Jamie may not have lit up the stadium at his inaugural Race of Champions visit, but the team sure set Bangkok ablaze. Metaphorically.

Round 6 – Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi
We know, not exactly groundbreaking. However, no one can deny that the sight of our roaring V8s under the lights of this spectacular circuit isn’t a thing of beauty. Plus, the trip would be worth it just for the out-of-this-world blueberry cheesecake at the whale hotel. Fact.

Round 7 – Red Bull Ring, Austria
Finally, a visit to the motherland. Do you think the Red Bull bosses at HQ will swap us a V8 Supercar for maybe a helicopter or two from Hangar 7? What are we saying? This is a fantasy. Of course they will!

Round 8 – Monaco, France
People have been telling us for years that motorsport is all glitz and glamour. Well, we’re yet to discover that side of it, but when we hit the streets of Monte Carlo, we’ll make sure to live it up A list style.

Round 9 – Le Mans, France
It would be a crime to come to the Circuit de la Sarthe and not do a 24 hour race. Don’t question it, we’ll find a way.

Round 10 – Nurburgring, Germany
From one legendary track to another, we’re spoilt for choice in Europe. The 26km combined circuit with 170 turns has a lap record of 8:10.921 set by a McLaren GT3 car last year. It might take us a little longer than that, but we’re ready for the challenge.

Round 11 – Spa Francorchamps, Belgium
This one might win the award for most picturesque track on our fantasy calendar. A couple of years ago we asked our fans what circuit you’d most like to see V8 Supercars race one anywhere in the world and Spa was a chart-topper, so we’re pretty sure you guys won’t be kicking it off our make-believe list any time soon.

Round 12 – Silverstone, England
Well, ‘ello guvna! That was our attempt at a Pommy accent. Fail? Yeah, thought so. To round out the holy grail of European motorsport, we’re braving the weather and heading to the English midlands. Luckily there are a few good pubs in the village, so you’ll know where to find us.

Round 13 – Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Canada
Have you ever watched the Canadian Grand Prix? What a place! With some of the most spectacular F1 racing there over the last 30-odd years, we’d be silly not to see what a show our V8 Supercars could put on.

Round 14 – Laguna Seca, USA
Watching our Aussie beasts twisting through the infamous corkscrew would be better than seeing your winning numbers come up on the lottery. Ok, maybe not, but you can’t deny it would be a stunner of a sight at this awesome track.

Round 15 – Circuit of the Americas, USA
We know, there are other, more motorsportingly (yep, that’s a word now) cultural places to go in North America, but everyone had such a blast in Austin in 2013 that we’d jump at any opportunity to go back.

Rounds 16, 17 & 18 – Enduro Cup, Australia
We’d of course finish off back home, rounding it out in style with the Enduro Cup. However, we’d throw in a slight mix. Hands up if you’d like to see Bathurst as the season finale. We’ll just make a small switch, pluck the GC600 from the end, squeeze it snugly between Sandown and The Great Race and, tah-dah, you’ve got the ultimate finish to the fantasy calendar.

Where would your fantasy calendar take the series? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter which circuits you’d most like to see the V8 Supercars race on if there were absolutely no constraints. The world is your motorsport oyster!