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The Spirit of the Driver

My name is Brock Compton, I am a proud Warumungu man and member of the Ambrose Treacy College Clontarf Academy.

I am the artist behind “The Spirit of the Driver” artwork. This artwork was created to describe and show the life of a Red Bull Ampol Racing driver.

The kangaroo tracks placed around the design represent the different paths and tracks the driver has been on, experienced, the new opportunities, learning curves and the successfulness of the driver coming from young into the big league of Supercars.

The first ring with all of the circulating dots are challenges that have been overcome, in the early days of the driver representing that he faced challenges and difficulties.
With the pathway tracking to the right ring representing his advancement and achievements by becoming a professional driver.

The two meeting circles split around the design are they representation of the driver and their families.
The reasoning for the family meeting circles being connected to the pathways is to show the belief and encouragement given from the families to help the driver to where he is today.

Men and women picture in the bottom of the design are the followers and supporters of Red Bull Ampol Racing.
The configurative amount of dots around the design represent the spirit of the driver. These dots are what bring everything together, from the family, to the car and the track.