What it takes to fuel the crew

The 2018 Virgin Australia Supercars Championship is almost upon us (can you believe it?) which means the crew are working around the clock to get our brand new rockets together.

So nope, we’re not basking in the sunshine down the Goldy or taking an early mark because it’s the off-season… We’re busier than ever.

And you know what that means? We become hungry, really hungry, so it’s lucky we have a chef on hand.

Yup, we are very lucky to have our very own chef, Mario (that’s Italian for really good at making yummy food) in house, and he’s here to (amongst other things) feed the bellies and make sure no one gets ‘hangry’.

We had a look around Super Mario’s ‘restaurant’ to see how much food he actually goes through each week to keep the crew going and it seems Mario has a lot on his plate (excuse the pun) when it comes to ordering stock…

And when we say a lot, we mean six kilograms of ham and one kilogram of salmon for brekky each week.

As well as 810 eggs, two kilograms of spinach and nearly two kilos of mushrooms… You’d think we would invest in our own chicken pen at the workshop.

The crew know how to keep their bones big and strong, keeping our calcium intake up with a whopping 50 litres of milk being consumed – which we can largely put down to the amount of coffees being brewed around here.

Ten loaves of bread, nearly 10 kilos of bacon (mmm bacon…) and five litres of cream round out the weekly intake for breakfast so you can only imagine what the rest of the day looks like with lunch and tea break.