If there was one thing Darwin wasn’t missing, it was action.

The temps were high, the track was hot and the Red Bulls were going down a treat.

The Hidden Valley circuit is a favorite amongst fans and drivers alike. With a long front straight and plenty of room to floor it, the track boasts prime opportunity for some serious clean racing.

With SVG claiming not one, but two poles over the weekend, JDub taking the P2 podium step on Saturday followed by SVG then taking the top spot on Sunday, it’s been one cracker of a weekend in our books.

The Bulls charged on track, putting into action everything we had learnt from our most recent Test Day.

But, with every race weekend comes learning curves, new hurdles, or even just life lessons (*cough* put it in the ditch *cough*).

We buzzed around and asked the drivers what they learnt over the weekend in Darwin.

  1. Jamie Whincup –  When the safety car is still on track when the leader exits the last corner for the restart, it always causes trouble  – Erm, yeah, the weekend certainly brought some trouble in Northen Territory paradise, but, you win some you loose some. We made up for it.
  2. Shane Van Gisbergen –  Even with a fractured pelvis, Lee’s selfie game is strong! – Get well soon Lee, a nasty crash mate but it’s awesome to see you are in good spirits.
  3. Jamie Whincup – Green grass doesn’t catch on fire – We are as surprised as you on this one. Darwin? Green grass? Never.
  4. Shane Van Gisbergen – Supercars don’t have enough lock for drifting! Spinning on a victory lap… how embarrassing…. – We will leave this one alone, we already had a stab earlier!
  5. Shane Van Gisbergen – Staying out of trouble gets the results. So much craziness in every Supercars race at the moment. Keep the nose clean and you’re in for a good haul of points every time – That is it mate, keep cool, calm and collected.
  6.  Jamie Whincup – Red Bull tastes even better in 35-degree heat – How is it possible for them to taste even better?! The summer edition was rockin’ all weekend long.
  7. Shane Van Gisbergen – Red Bull Racing Australia really know how to celebrate a victory. Sunday night was epic! –Work hard, play hard.
  8. Jamie Whincup –  The fast lane can be used for parking as well – Although not recommended. #intothepitsplease

The next two rounds are home for us, with Townsville only two weeks away.  It’ll be refreshing to board a plane knowing when we land we are still in the sunshine state! The RBRA team head to Townsville July 8 – 10.