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Behind the Scenes: Sandown 2019

What a weekend.  What a race.  What the weather?  Sandown or Sundown, as we have heard it called, pulled out all the stops.  Just when you thought you had seen it all on the track, that is.  But in the garage there was so much more action, reaction and emotion for the team.



When you’re all strapped in and nowhere to go.


My turn:

Giving up the battle of who rides shotgun.



Thrown out faster than an underage drinker in Kings Cross.



When reality hits that you have to go back to the Fox Cube next round.


Waiting for a mate:

Or waiting for the moment they realise that Uber can’t access pit lane.



CL has managed to make simultaneously falling off the stage and biting his tongue look effortlessly smooth. True Lowndesy style.



Covering the underside of Garth’s HANS device was funny until SVG realised he’d got his own instead. 🤦‍♂️



Still trying to work out whether J-Dub has subbed in a cardboard cutout again.


#1 Fan:

The bromance is alive and well. So, so well…