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Behind The Scenes: Winton 2018

Winton, you were ridiculously cold! But not cold enough to curb the enthusiasm of the new kid on the block, or stop the pit crew from their rehearsals…

We’re lucky to have a resident photographer on hand to capture all of the exciting (and tense) moments behind the scenes:

The look of pain when you’re told you have to hand your race car over to a new kid called ‘Bam Bam’ who has never driven a Supercar.


The fact that this photo was taken during qualifying is evidence that car 17’s speed is not down to Ludo. He didn’t even have his radio on.


When we told J-Dub that RD was on the other side of the world. 


Our backup singers were in full rehearsal mode preparing for J-Dub and SVG’s first live show. 


Spotted: D’arcy and Hado frantically trying to stream the royal wedding on Saturday.


Hado: “And she had TWO dresses, one for the ceremony and one for the reception…”.


What did Brady think of Meghan’s second dress?


Trying to be taken seriously but we just can’t help but notice the cute little pom-pom on SVG’s beanie.


PD telling the crew there’s no chance he’s driving in the rain. 


This was probably not the best time to take a power nap. 


Jimmy, aka The King Of Looking Like He’s Working Hard But Actually Isn’t.