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BFeen & Will complete Practice 1 in the West

Friday Results

Will Brown – Car #87 
Practice 1 – 18th (0:55.8062)

“I think we made the car better throughout today’s practice session. We didn’t roll out as strong as we would’ve liked, but we went out on our green run and with the red flag we only got through turn one. It’s hard to read exactly where you’re at but I still think we’re in the top five and fingers crossed we have a strong qualifying session tomorrow. I thought the conditions today were fine, it’s just the little bit of tyre drop off that you have to manage due to the heat. Although the longer runs are good, it’d be cool to have two shorter sessions on Friday mainly for the fans, but overall it wasn’t a bad day.”

Broc Feeney – Car #88
Practice 1 – Sixth (0:55.4692)

“It’s great to be back driving again to be honest. The 60-minute sessions go pretty quick, but I was pretty happy with the changes we made and how we went. I think we stuck to our run plan pretty well, but we still have a little bit of stuff to work on. It’s pretty hot here in Perth, but I think the track hung on pretty well. It got a bit dusty out there with a few cars coming off, but overall it was really good. 60-minutes sounds like a long time but it goes bloody fast. Obviously it would be great to have another 60-minute session, but everyone else is in the same boat. Even though it’s a short lap time, the time gets taken up pretty quick.”