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The Bulls bounce back to claim one-two finish in Taupo thriller

Sunday Results

Will Brown – Car #87 
Qualifying, Race 8 – Third (1:27.1220)
Top Ten Shootout – Fifth (1:26.9602)
Race 8 – First
Drivers’ Championship Standings – First (809 points)

“It was a special day for us, not only to win the race but being back in New Zealand is awesome. It was a tight track when we came here a couple of weeks ago to test and I didn’t know what the racing would be like, but to come here and have such a great battle for the lead was unreal. Even though I was battling against Broc, the fans want to see a tight, hard race and I was trying to put that on for them. The track definitely produced a lot better racing than I thought it would, and I’m sure on TV it would’ve looked great. I’m not sure what was going on in the pits as I’m sure the guys were a little bit nervous. It was very hard to make the pass on Broc – there’s not heaps of passing opportunities and I had to set it up. I was stuck behind him for a while so I was starting to get hot tyres, but I just got the job done and luckily we didn’t collide. I think it was great racing and an awesome experience to get the win today.”

Broc Feeney – Car #88
Qualifying, Race 8 – Sixth (1:27.2695)
Top Ten Shootout – Second (1:26.8299)
Race 8 – Second
Drivers’ Championship Standings – Second (738 points)  

“Today was obviously a great turnaround from yesterday. To stick it on the front row after the shootout and lead majority of the race was pretty cool. I obviously would have preferred to win, but it wasn’t meant to be and we weren’t the fastest car today. I had a pretty cool battle with Will and had lots of fun – congratulations to him on an epic win. On the #88 side of the garage, we have a bit of work to do to make that little step forward to be just as quick at the #87. It was unreal to share the podium with Quinny (Tony Quinn) and see how emotional he was and how much it meant to him. I know how much work he has put in to getting these tracks up to the state they’re in and Supercars events racing here. For him to have a team one-two at a track that he owns is pretty awesome. He’s such an advocate for motorsport so we’re pretty lucky to have him in the team.”