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Brown Reclaims Championship lead after Race 4 win

Friday Results 

Will Brown – Car #87

Race 4 – First  

Drivers’ Championship Standings – First (447 points)

“It was great to get the lead at the start of the race. I had to get past Cam (Waters) pretty quickly to save the tyres around here because it was a pretty hot day on track today. I wanted to get in the lead early and maintain it from there, which I managed to do while the guys had a lot of fun battling it out behind me – I was actually enjoying watching it. I was conserving a fair bit of the time during the race, but I was pushing pretty hard at the end. If you push too hard in those early laps, we saw a couple of guys blister their tyres yesterday and I think there were a couple today from what I’ve heard. That’s something you have to manage while still being fast, which I was trying to do. Unfortunately for Broc, he made a little mistake on the last lap and we didn’t get a one-two like yesterday which would have been very disappointing for him, but a good day for us overall.”

Broc Feeney – Car #88

Race 4 – Fourth

Drivers’ Championship Standings – Second (419 points)   

“I got a good start today which I was really happy with. Will got Cam (Waters) and I tried to get through, but sort of settled in for a bit before I got him a bit later. I tried to look after my tyres for a bit throughout the race but then I realised I needed to pounce on Cam, which I did but then I dropped behind Frosty (Mark Winterbottom). There were a few laps there where I had to use a bit more of my tyres than I would’ve liked, but then I settled in for the long run. I was following Will around trying to save our tyres like he was, and as it got to the end of the race, I went to go for the fastest lap but a few corners before I started my lap, my foot fell off the brake pedal and I made an error. I’m spewing for the team because it would have been another solid result, but you’ll take the little loss here and reset for tomorrow.”