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Eseries: Round 4 Recap

Get JDub & SVG’s rEcaps from their race wins at Montreal 🇨🇦 and Watkins Glen 🇺🇸

“It was a pretty good night again for me in the sim. There were a few crazy races, but I managed to get two podiums. We claimed a great win for the first race in Canada and had an awesome battle with Anton (De Pasquale) and Scotty (McLaughlin) which I really enjoyed. I tried to stay out of trouble in Race 2 at Canada, but it was pretty much unavoidable and finished at the back of the pack. We had great pace again at both tracks which was really good, and for JDub to get his first win in the Eseries was even better. Although it was a reverse grid race, he’s been putting a heap of time into his simulator over the past few weeks, and it’s great to see it’s starting to pay off. His qualifying results are improving significantly, so it’s awesome that we’re both getting results for the team. Hopefully we can keep building on this for next week, keep scoring points and keep staying out of trouble.”
Shane van Gisbergen
“All in all, it feels great to finally get a win. Even though it was a reverse grid race, I’ll take a win in the Eseries any day. It’s great for the whole team considering both SVG and I were both able get a win last night, and we’ll keep chipping away to make sure this continues. I’ve been working hard over the last few weeks calibrating my simulator and getting it to where I’m most comfortable. While there’s still a lot of pace in me, I’m still trying to make those little adjustments so I can be more competitive in the series. Being able to get the right brake pressures, the right throttle percentage and the right steering angles in the car is usually second nature, it’s not something you really think about. You figure out what you want to adjust, and you just do it. But, in the simulator, I’m struggling to get those factors to where I want them. This week I’m going to work on making those final little adjustments to my sim and get it to where I feel most comfortable. Shane has been fantastic helping me out with my simulator setups most days and helping in areas which are unfamiliar to me. Next week is halfway through the championship, and as I’ve been saying, I was hoping to be more competitive. While it’s proving to be tougher than I imagined, I’m continuing to chip away week-by-week and trying to speed up the learning process as much as I can.”
Jamie Whincup

Eseries Round 4 Results

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Race 1 (Gilles Villeneuve) – First
Race 2 (Gilles Villeneuve, reverse grid) – 26th 
Race 3 (Watkins Glen) – Third
Race 4 (Watkins Glen, reverse grid) – Fourth 
Eseries Championship Standings – Third (873 points) 

Jamie Whincup – Car #88
Race 1 (Gilles Villeneuve) – 23rd
Race 2 (Gilles Villeneuve, reverse grid) – Ninth 
Race 3 (Watkins Glen) – 22nd 
Race 4 (Watkins Glen, reverse grid) – First
Eseries Championship Standings – 20th (407 points) 

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