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Gold Coast: Sunny side up

From the wide, open mountain terrain to the flat, windy streets with a view.

A view of sand and sea of course!

Time for the Gold Coast 600 and Round 13 couldn’t be any more different than the one before.

“Polar opposites” in fact, as quoted by Jamie “J-Dub” Whincup.

“Last round we had a big, fast and open track with a lot of terrain and at the Gold Coast the track is dead flat and tight and twisty.” J-Dub said.

“The two rounds are polar opposite to each other.

“Bathurst is the longest track we go to and was 10 degrees while the Gold Coast is one of the shortest tracks and it will no doubt be 30 degrees.”


Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 Event 12 of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, Bathurst, New South Wales. Australia 10th-13th Oct 2019


His co-driver agrees and it’s as if they’re in sync with each other.

“Bathurst is a fast, flowing and open track whereas the Gold Coast is tight and narrow so you are having to use all of the kerbs and as much of the wall as you can get away with,” said Craig ‘CL’ Lowndes.

So, what’s the key heading into a race weekend that is so vastly different from the last?

“As there’s a lot of impact on the cars it puts a lot of emphasis on the mechanics to keep inspecting and checking over the cars after every session; making sure we have no suspension issues or none of the wheels are bent,” J-Dub said.

“We had a good run into last year, it was just unfortunate that we got caught up in the storm, so we are hoping for some sunshine to finish out the weekend with some good racing.”

Vodafone Gold Coast 600 Event 13 of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, Gold Coast, Queensland. Australia 25th-27th Oct 2019

We think everyone who is headed out will be hoping for the sunshine. After all, it is considered one big street party.

“The atmosphere created over the race weekend is like a real party carnival.

“The access the fans have around the track, all the high rise building with balconies which are full of people make it a great spectacle,” said CL.

But that’s not the only thing that our drivers like about the event.

Some drivers are fortunate enough to call the Gold Coast home which means slightly different schedules and plans than the usual race weekend requirements.

“I ride my motorbike to the circuit each morning and park it in pit lane provided it doesn’t bucket down with rain and get to stay at home; it’s fantastic,” said J-Dub.

And that’s not all…

“It’s a track within five-minutes’ walk from the beach. At which other event could you finish the race and go jump in the ocean?”

Guess we know where to find J-Dub come the end of racing on Sunday!


Hit the streets of the Goldie with us live on Twitter starting on Friday, October 25.


Garth’s Gold Coast Predictions:

Fastest lap time on the track: 1:09.50

Who’s the one to watch at the Gold Coast: The afternoon thunderstorms.

Biggest challenge at the Gold Coast: See above!

Three words to describe the Gold Coast: Kerbs, Risk, Concrete.

Favourite moment at the Gold Coast: Anytime you win a surfboard is fun.


Craig’s Gold Coast Predictions:

Fastest lap time on the track: 01:09.78

Who’s the one to watch at the Gold Coast: Chaz Mostert

Biggest Challenge at the Gold Coast: Staying off the walls.

Three words to describe the Gold Coast: Mentally, physically tough.

Favourite moment at the Gold Coast: Winning the Enduro Cup in 2018.