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Live Diary: Gold Coast



Qualifying – Third (Fastest Time: 01:10.4293)
Top Ten Shootout – Second (Fastest Time: 01:10.2082)
Race – Second

ChampionshipThird (2,668 points)

Jamie Whincup – Car #888

“We couldn’t be happier team-wise. With the utmost respect, I think we should mention cars 55 and 17 not making the race – we must acknowledge them because you never wish that on anyone. But it was an awesome weekend for us, couldn’t be happier. It was a great team effort. We were disappointed that we didn’t get the big trophy a couple of weeks ago at Bathurst, but to bounce back like we did with two one-twos is full credit that we ground away and relentlessly got ourselves back into at least the teams’ championship title hunt. Today was fairly straightforward. Craig did an amazing job, I just want to thank him for the awesome job he did, and he’s put us in the running for the PIRTEK Enduro Cup, so we’ll go down to Sandown and try to go as hard as we can.”

Craig Lowndes – Car #888

“My role was to support Jamie and I think I did that pretty well this weekend. He did a fantastic job both days, qualifying on the first row but second place. Both days I got good starts; I was really happy with that side of it. The car today was probably just as good as yesterday but being behind Garth at the beginning I just had to look after the car and bring it home in a strong position. We opted to do a little bit longer run, which gave us a fuel advantage, but at the end of the day the car 97 was really strong. Credit to all the team to have a one-two both days, it’s really something special. It doesn’t happen that often and to be able to bounce back the way we have this weekend is a credit to everyone.”


Qualifying – First (Fastest Time: 02:05.1821)
Top Ten Shootout – First (Fastest Time: P2:04.0046)
Race – First

ChampionshipSecond (2,974 points)


Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97

“It was an awesome team weekend. To come and do it here on the Gold Coast which almost feels like home, is great but then to also finish 1 -2 on both days makes it even more special.  The weekend It couldn’t have been any better.  The pace we had today and even yesterday was very good.  We managed to avoid the walls and push through the chicanes.  Garth definitely gave us a great start and maintain consistency throughout his stint, so I just had to jump in and keep it going.  Hopefully we can do the same at Sandown as we were good there last year, so I am looking forward to it.”

Garth Tander – Car #97

“It was a good day at the races.  Any time you start from pole position, lead the first stint or the whole race and then come home with a win is terrific.  Then to have another 1-2 for the team is a fantastic result so really happy to be part of the team and contribute to the results this weekend.  Obviously, we hope to get good results come Sandown, so I am looking forward it.


Vodafone Gold Coast 600 Event 13 of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, Gold Coast, Queensland. Australia 25th-27th Oct 2019




1725:  You can always count on SVG to get the party started.



and it wouldn’t be a win without SVG showing off his skills just a little.

1715:  Wow!  Double 1-2 for the Red Bull Holden Racing Team at the GC600.  Amazing way to cap off an interesting start on Thursday to the weekend.

If you didn’t hear the team had crew members leaving left, right and centre – we have a little bundle of joy added to car 97, a crew member cutting open his finger needing to have surgery and another leaving for personal reason.   Crew members being called in from the workshop last minute to jump in the surf and ride the GC600 waves.  Just a tip top effort by everyone!


1530:  Looks like we can expect some changes on the horizon then.


1515:  Co-drivers are in the hot seat (literally) and need to complete a minimum of 33 laps.  Although it seems the drivers are playing a game of hide and seek.


1500:  It’s that time of day again.  Our favourite part of course – race time!


Vodafone Gold Coast 600 Event 13 of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, Gold Coast, Queensland. Australia 25th-27th Oct 2019

JDub/CL – P2 — 01:10.4293

SVG/GT – P1 — 01:10.2082


1215:  JDub shoot to the top… but SVG just topped that!  Front row lock out for the race!



1205:  Here we go.



1150:  Ah the life!  This is what the Gold Coast is about.  Soaking up the sun… but only for a short stint as the Top Ten Shootout has already started.

1015:  Not quite the way Qualifying should finish but these things happen.  More importantly it’s that the drivers are okay at the end of the day.

JDub/CL – P3 — 01:10.4071

SVG/GT – P1  — 01:10.3283



1010:  There is a red flag and a massive shunt!


1000:  A very odd question from SVG as he starts his flying laps.



0830:  We loved seeing all our members and event members across the weekend.  Thanks for your support and who knows maybe we will be a step closer to the claiming the Enduro Cup by the end of today?!?  If you haven’t already and want to be part of the final race with our awesome co-drivers grab a Sandown Event Membership today!



0800:  Last day to claim a surfboard!



Sunday 27 October



Jamie Whincup / Craig Lowndes – Car #888
Qualifying – Fourth (Fastest Time: 01:10.5827)
Top Ten Shootout – Second (Fastest Time: 01:10.2581)
Race 1 – First


Jamie Whincup – Car #888

“Obviously couldn’t be happier with today’s result.  Lowdnesy (Craig Lowndes) did an amazing job off the start line, launched extremely well and got us the lead for the race.  Alex (Premat) was hanging in there being quite aggressive on the kerbs, but once he was told to back it off, we were able to get a decent lead of about five to six seconds before I was able to jump into the car.  The car was well and truly good enough but there has been so much emphasis on the chicanes here so for tomorrow we still need to improve in that area.  We also certainly need to try if possible to improve our fuel economy as well since we got done by in the last pit stop by quite a few seconds.  Thankfully though, we had a lead and Scott (McLaughlin) made a small mistake but all-in-all I was working hard to get Lowndesy a win this year.  A little disappointed it wasn’t a Bathurst win but to give him a win on the Gold Coast is fantastic.  The team worked incredibly hard and were on the mark, so that’s a tremendous effort by everyone in the garage, but like always we are a little bit greedy and our focus is to do it all again tomorrow.”

Craig Lowndes – Car #888
“I got a great start. It was really important for us today to get away into clean air, which we were able to do. From that point on we had to make sure we were really smart, we didn’t jump too many kerbs or damage the car too much for when I handed it over to Jamie. We were lucky enough that the car was really strong over the course of my stint. To hand the car over to Jamie with a five-second lead was really good, I felt like I did my job and I’ll look forward to tomorrow and what it brings. It’s always exciting from the garage to see what’s going on and for me it’s the first time I’ve been to the Gold Coast as a co-driver. We’ll hit the reset button for tomorrow and see what we can do.”


Car 888 of Jamie Whincup and Craig Lowndes win the Vodafone Gold Coast 600 Event 13 of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, Gold Coast, Queensland. Australia 25th-27th Oct 2019


Shane van Gisbergen / Garth Tander – Car #97
Qualifying – Second (Fastest Time: 01:10.4649)
Top Ten Shootout – Third (Fastest Time: 01:10.3074)
Race 1 – Second


Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97

“In qualifying we lacked a little bit compared to yesterday. We were really happy yesterday, but then we finally put new tyres on and the car just didn’t hook up, so that was a shame. It was still really good, but just lacked a little bit. Then in the race on old tyres again we were really fast. Garth did a good job. The front three were sort of line astern and then we just tried to stretch it out and tried to do something different strategy-wise. It paid back, we got through to second by passing Scotty (McLaughlin) which was good and then we just held position and ran to the end. It’s awesome, a one-two for the team after we got done in qualifying, so it’s good to get form back in the race and clearly have more speed. Tomorrow we definitely need to qualify better and make sure we’re in a position tomorrow where we’re in clear air.”

Garth Tander – Car #97
“Solid start, I got a better one than (Alex) Premat but I couldn’t do anything with it and Lowndesy got a ripper, so I just settled into the rhythm. I couldn’t quite get past Alex without risking the car, so I saved a heap of fuel in that first stint and that then opened up the pit strategy for us later in the race. I made sure I was back on Premat’s tail before we pitted, I jumped out and Shane did a mega job from then on. It’s a great result, absolutely fantastic result for the team with a one-two, so I really couldn’t be happier with that and for us it’s important for Shane in the championship to finish in front of (Scott) McLaughlin, so it was a good day out.”


1800:  Great day in the office from the morning starting with qualifying but don’t take our word let’s see what the dream team has to say.



1715:  and what a way to celebrate  a double podium.

1700:  CHEQUERED FLAG and the bulls have driven to a 1-2 finish!

1645:  A safety car?  Really?  10 laps and it’s looking like a 1-2 but we are not going to jinx anything.

1635:  SVG gets it done!  It’s a bulls 1-2 with only a handful of laps remaining.


1630:  This is about to get interesting!


1545:  33 laps in and it’s time.  Up close and personal on car 97 pit stop.



1500:  What a start!  CL just put a whole new meanin to pedal to the metal! g

1455:  We are about to hit the surf… we mean track!

1200:  Wow!  What a way to end to the Top Ten Shootout.  Such a shame but it is what is it and we are not all set to line up on the grid ahead of this afternoon’s race.

JDub/CL – P2 — 01:10.2581

SVG/GT – P3 — 01:10.3074



1145: JDub puts down a 01:10.2581 and into P1 with three more drivers to take a crack.



1130:  Let’s get these grid positions sorted for the race.

1010:  Great start for both sides of the garage.  Top Ten Shootout is next!

JDub/CL – P2 — 01: 01:10.5827 S

SVG/GT – P4 — 01:10.4279


1005:  Seems that traffic is the excuse of the morning.  Surely it’s a BEEP BEEP coming through kind of situation.


0955:  What’s the hold up?



0940:  We are rolling out for qualifying.

0925:  No time for practice it’s a straight into business kind of day.  Qualifying in 15 minutes and aiming to get into the top ten for the Top Ten Shootout.

0700:   First stop – pit top and driver change practice.



Saturday 26 October


Vodafone Gold Coast 600 Event 13 of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, Gold Coast, Queensland. Australia 25th-27th Oct 2019

Practice 1– First (Fastest Time: 01:10.6069)
Practice 2 (Co-Drivers) – Eight (Fastest Time: 01:11.3216)
Practice– Third (Fastest Time: 01:10.0969)


Jamie Whincup – Car #888

“We got through our plan today.  The car was quite nice, so can’t complain.  The only thing really out of the practice session was that we weren’t very good on green tyres and probably should have done a little bit more.  We were quick on the old set of tyres but then when we switched it wasn’t as good.  The chicane is a key part in getting the car to go faster around the Gold Coast track and right now we are outside the top 10 there so it’s a big area that we need to improve for tomorrow ahead of qualifying.”

Craig Lowndes – Car #888
“It was a solid day for car 888.  With the half-hour co-driver session, I got out excited as I do really enjoy this place and track as it’s really tough on the drivers.  Trying to get your head around the brake markers, keeping it off the walls, it’s always exciting times when we hit the track.  At the moment, with the way the car looks, we are in a strong position going into tomorrow.”


Vodafone Gold Coast 600 Event 13 of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, Gold Coast, Queensland. Australia 25th-27th Oct 2019


Shane van Gisbergen / Garth Tander – Car #97
Practice 1 – Third (Fastest Time: 01:10.9310)
Practice 2 (Co-Drivers) – First (Fastest Time: 01:10.6635)
Practice 3 – Second (Fastest Time: 01:10.0469)


Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97

“It was a good practice run today.  I felt comfortable most of the day out there on the track.  We didn’t use any new tyres and have saved them for tomorrow.  My sessions ended up well and Garth also had a good session in the day so overall, it’s a great day.  Today’s strategy was all about getting comfortable with the settings so we can settle into tomorrow’s qualifying and top 10.  I think we are okay heading into tomorrow but again it’s hard to tell because we didn’t change the tyres so we will see what happens.”

Garth Tander – Car #97
“Today was a good day on our side of the garage.  Obviously, Shane’s first practice session for the day was solid and then I got comfortable in the car during the co-driver session.  It’s the first time for me here at the Gold Coast in a Triple Eight car and learning how it rides over the kerbs but at the end of the session I was happy with it all.  It was great to then end my session in P1.  Shane followed with another solid session in the final practice of the day, so it was a good day for car 97 and looking forward to tomorrow.”


1745:  All four drivers head to the press conference and here is what they briefly had to say about the day.

1715:  What a great way to finish out a full day of practice.  Not quite cracking the 1:09 mark but definitely within milliseconds of reach!

JDub/CL – P3 — 01:10.0969

SVG/GT – P2 — 01:10.0469


1700:  Half way there… are we living on a prayer yet?


1645: Final practice session

1415:  Co-drivers were tearing it up out there – great to see them ride the kerbs!

JDub/CL – P8 — 01:11.3216

SVG/GT – P1 — 01:10.6635


1345: Co-drivers are about to have some fun in the sun!

1245:  But that’s it time to have a break – maybe have some lunch?

1230:  Back to the garage to meet the winners of Red Bull’s Join the Crew competition.  JDub is a trooper.  Lucky for the other three drivers they have been taking it easy until now.

1210:  Off to the another spot for more signing and snaps.

1145:  Time to answer the tough questions JDub!  Junior Press Conference proves a tough gig even for the veteran.

1115:  Bit of a stretch between sessions but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of action behind the scenes.  After ducking into data review and debrief the next couple of hours is spent doing appearances and catching up with media outlets left, right and centre.

1100:  PHEW!  Glad that practice session is over.  Things were heating up for SVG and it’s only the first session of the day on the shortest and curviest tracks out there.

JDub/CL – P1 –1:10.6096

SVG/GT – P3 — 1:10.9310



1100:  Anyone else feeling the heat on the street?


1055:  When TV land is chasing on of their own and it’s time to play a game of Where’s CL?


1015:  Time for some fun in the sun!



0850:  The next must do on the to do list during any race weekend is spending time with the fans.  Big thanks to all our GC600 fans for coming out and supporting the Red Bull Holden Racing Team.

0715:  Starting the race weekend the right way and time for a pit stop practice for car 888.

Friday 25 October