Live Diary: Friday in Ipswich 2018

1600 So, how do they think they went today?

Jamie Whincup – Car #1
Additional Driver Practice (Paul Dumbrell) – Seventh (Fastest Time: 1:10.2385)
Practice 1 – First (Fastest Time: 1:09.3904)
Practice 2Sixth (Lap Time: 1:09.4863)

“We didn’t go as quick on our best tyres, which we ran at the end of the second run, so that is a little bit concerning and now we’ve got some work to do. However, I’m confident we can get there for tomorrow’s qualifying session. We still have practice three as well which is lucky, I’d be a bit more nervous if we didn’t have P3. We’ve still got to try some things in P3 to improve the car. The other good news is that car 97 is very fast, so we will be able to look at their data. We got through our program today but unfortunately not quick enough and now we’ve got to do some work.”

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Additional Driver Practice (Russell Ingall) – 14th (Fastest Time: 1:10.4434) *Promotional activity
Practice 1 – 11th (Fastest Time: 1:09.8000)
Practice 2First (Fastest Time: 1:09.2447)

“Unfortunately today’s practice sessions were just dominated by tyres, I felt like we had a nice car but we just had bad tyres. It did get better throughout the day, especially that second session when we put new tyres on. We ended up with a competitive car but unfortunately it’s a bit hard to make the most of the other sessions with no tyres. It was awesome to have Russell Ingall in the car this morning, his feeling is still very good as he complained about the same things I did. It’s also great to see how a past champion of the series works and he enjoyed it which is the main thing.” 

1530 Well, that was a success… For SVG anyway, as he climbs back to take P1 in the final minute. J-Dub not so impressed with a P6 effort.

1435 Practice two begins, after using old tyres in the first session, we wonder what this session will hold.

1250 The weather people must’ve heard us, the clouds parted and the sun came out to dry the track out for the last half of practice. J-Dub came through with the goods in P1, SVG not so good in P11.

1200 Practice one underway with our real driver, SVG… And J-Dub over in car 1. The rain is still sprinkling.

1140 The rain clouds start to form with some light sprinkles falling… C’mon Ipswich, we’re supposed to put on a show for our Mexican friends down South…

1045 What does SVG think?

1030 Yup, that’s Russell Ingall! Taking SVG’s baby for a spin since Earl isn’t around.

1010 Guess who is behind the wheel of car 97… Hint, it’s not SVG.

0915 About to head over for our first autograph session of the weekend. Hope to see you there!

0800 Waking up in our own bed this morning… one of the best things about a home race.