1610 We caught up with a happy J-Dub and a not-so-happy SVG after the post-race chaos, here’s what they had to say:

Jamie Whincup – Car #1
Practice 4 – First (Fastest Time: 0:50.6904)
Qualifying – Third (Fastest Time: 0:50.6882)
Race 2 – Third

“Our car was similar to yesterday, just not fast enough over a lap at all and the best we could do was third. I was in a massive stacking risk to my teammate which is pretty gnarly at the start there so thankfully there wasn’t a safety car and we didn’t have to stack. My car was okay, it was probably third quickest today so we scored the points we deserved to score. Unfortunately I tripped over Lowndesy in the pits and that’s what cost us P2 today. It was a tough job strategy-wise because there was rain coming over, so (David) Cauchi (Race Engineer) did an awesome job. Do we analyse and work out if we can go better? Yes, we do. We’ll look at what we did well and what we can improve on, and come back fighting stronger next time.”

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Practice 4 – Eighth (Fastest Time: 0:50.9284)
Qualifying –  Second (Fastest Time: 0:50.5870)
Race 2 – 25th

“Qualifying today was pretty good, we had a pretty amazing session to be so close to the fastest time and a 1-2-3 for the team which was awesome. Then in the race, I had a good run and a really good car for the first few laps running with Craig (Lowndes). I felt the problem early on and it just got worse and worse with the throttle and then the brake bias. It was like pressing the handbrake every time we pressed the brake pedal, and then also the throttle jamming, so it was a shame. I wanted to stay out to get points and keep going; it didn’t feel like it was dangerous and I slowed down so it was safe. It’s a shame to have a mechanical problem but in the three years racing here, I’ve never had one with this team. It’s been a pretty good run, we have an awesome team here. It’s just one of those things, we’ll just put the effort in and be good for the next race.”

1525 We have a winner and it’s our good mate Mr. Craig Lowndes! We couldn’t be happier. We’re also pretty happy because J-Dub came third! Not so good news on the car #97 side as SVG came through P25. After literally bending like a pretzel in a pit stop (we’re serious), it was revealed there was some serious pedal box issues so he opted to drive slowly to cross the finish line and grab some points.

1400 Five minutes until go time… SVG is P2 and J-Dub not far behind in P3. It’s great to have the company of Lowndesy and the crew up here too, in pole position mind you, we’re all up here like the big Triple Eight family that we are 🙂

1205 Just two hours until Race 2… Time to put our heads down and work through the data, strategy and car set-up.

1145 We have a Triple Eight grid lockout! Team mate Craig Lowndes has taken pole position (congrats mate!). SVG and J-Dub fill out P2 and P3 respectively.

1105 The qualifying series begins… SVG and J-Dub get to put their feet up for the first part before things get serious.

0955 Practice 4 begins – just 20 minutes for the drivers to get in to the top 10, to skip Qualy Part 2.

0700 We go through the new practice and qualifying format again today – practice is important as it determines which qualifying session we start from. The rules again below for your reference:

Practice 4

These 20-minute practice sessions will hold a greater weight than normal with the Top 10 drivers of the practice session going straight to Qualifying Part 2.

Drivers who finish P11 – P26 in Practice will have to go to Qualifying Part 1.

Qualifying Part 1 (10 mins)

The P11-P26 from Practice 4. The Top 6 here will go to Qualifying Part 2. The remaining 10 drivers will fill the bottom over the grid (P17-P26).

Qualifying Part 2 (10 mins)

The Top 10 from Practice 4 + Top 6 from Qualifying Part 1 battle it out. The Top 10 here will go to Qualifying Part 3. The remaining six drivers will fill out P11-P16.

Qualifying Part 3 (10 mins)

The Top 10 from Qualifying Part 2 battle it out to determine the grid positions of P1-P10 for Race 2 today.