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NZ, we missed you!

New Zealand we’ve missed you! The Bulls are amped to be heading back to race in New Zealand. Head over to the RBAR Insta to see BFeen and Will trying out some iconic NZ snacks ahead of the round to get your NZ x Supercars fix before the on-track action starts. 

A fresh track for the Supercars , a challenge for the new generation of cars. Becoming the 35th different circuit to host a Championship round, Taupo International Circuit is a high-achiever, able to transform into four different configurations. We’ll be racing on the 3.321km International Circuit configuration come Friday. Taupo is an anticlockwise track which is a change-up from Albert Park which is the opposite. With tight-karting-like characteristics, qualifying well will be an important factor come race time. There will be two races over the weekend, each over 200km in distance. Both races will be on the Dunlop Soft tyre, which can be predicted to be a contributor to some exciting strategies unfolding and plenty of on-track action. 


Will Brown, Car #87

“It is so great to get back to New Zealand, the fans are always awesome over there and you can tell that there is such support for Supercars from them. It’s been incredible to see the amount of support that is over there, especially since we didn’t get to race in NZ last year. It’s been amazing to see how much they love their racing in NZ. With the tight track and a lot of surface changes, it should make for some interesting racing. I think it will be easy to make a mistake so come qualifying and race it will be important to get it right, one mistake could impact the whole lap.”


 Broc Feeney, Car #88

“I’m pumped to be back in New Zealand and do some racing over there. Will and I were over there a couple of weeks ago, and the fans’ excitement is unreal. At the airport, at the racetrack, you can tell everyone is stoked to have us back over there. The amount of grandstands that were at the track was amazing to see. It’s awesome for us as well knowing that the event has also sold out, it just shows how big the fanbase is over there. The track is super tight, it feels a bit like a big karting track. With how tight it is, qualifying is so important. Another thing is that the track surface changes so much from corner to corner. Plenty of challenges for us this weekend and it’ll be a little bit different than what we are used to. Like I said though, it’s just exciting. No one has driven one of these Supercars there yet, so it’s an even playing field going in.”