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SVG claims back-to-back wins, Red Bull Ampol Racing secures Teams’ Championship

Broc Feeney – Car #88
Qualifying, Race 32 – 11th (1:10.6618)
Race 32 – DNF

Championship standingsSixth (2137 points)

Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
Qualifying, Race 32 – First (1:10.2639)
Top Ten Shootout – Pole (1:10.3133)
Race 32 – First

Championship standingsFirst (3382 points)

Teams’ Championship standingsFirst (5519 points)


Broc Feeney – Car #88
“The body is fine after today’s shunt – all good. We had a big improvement over night and just missed out on the shootout which I was pretty gutted by. We made a big step forward today and missed out by I think it was a hundredth, so it was pretty disappointing. I dropped a couple of spots off the start but the car felt really good, it felt like we made an improvement from yesterday and I had plenty of speed on the guys around me. We went through the beach chicane and one of the cars ahead had a big moment, hit a tyre bundle and spun out into the fence and initially I thought I was going to be ok – I slowed right up and was trying to avoid the crash myself and then got a massive whack from behind. That pushed me into the car that was stopped and then into the fence and then another three cars piled into the back of me. Thankfully I’m all good, but just sucks obviously, the car is pretty smashed. This next month is supposed to be focused on building Gen3 cars and now we’ve got to repair our car before Adelaide, so it’s just a shame – we’ve been having such a good year, finishing all the races and being super consistent and then having something that was completely out of our hands, is a shame. It’s been a pretty tough weekend but we’ll bounce back for Adelaide and try and end the season on a high. Shane’s just absolutely smashing it this year with the back to back championships. He has been untouchable the last two seasons, but to do what he’s done this year…he has wiped the floor. It’s just very cool to be a part of the team and to see what he gets to do up close, and learning heaps from him. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to have a good battle with him.”


Shane van Gisbergen – Car #97
“It’s been an awesome weekend, can’t thank the team enough. To come home with a couple of gold surfboard is pretty awesome. I was flipping angry at the red flag, how they let him (Will Davison) keep the lead at the first chicane – I haven’t analysed yet, if he got a tap or if he got off the brakes or whatever, whatever it is I was angry and after that restart I was going through him or around him and I went around him which was good and I just drove away. My car was magic and I was relieved to do it like that and do it properly. In my view in the car it felt like he got off the brake but maybe he got a hit behind, I’m not sure. He got a really good start and we were side by side and I gave him room to go around but when I saw he took the straight I took the apex but then he just came out straight in front instead of side by side, it is what it is, we have this argument every year, I can’t fix it, I just know I fixed it after the restart. I was good to do a few skids after the race. I couldn’t do one yesterday so did one today and seeing Scotty (McLaughlin) up there was bit of encouragement. I want to win more races so for sure we can go to Adelaide as a celebration and have a good time. We also have the chance to celebrate Holden, that’s going to mean a lot to our team and GM so for sure we want to go out with a good result. Everyone wants to be the last Holden winner and the Ford guys probably want to spoil that, so I’ll be there prepared but also ready to party.”