SVG in the dark

Of all the people in the mix to test out a new track or car you can be 99 per cent sure that Shane “SVG” van Gisbergen is one of them – if you haven’t noticed already, he’s a car enthusiast.

Any spare time he finds on his plate, he’s lining it up for some in car action whether it be a race, test or just plain old fun day out, supercar or not.

So, when Supercars conducted a night test at Sydney Motorsport Park last Tuesday for the upcoming ‘night race’, it was no surprises SVG was seen behind the wheel cutting laps under the night sky, and he loved it (of course).

“We only did a small part of the track with different types of lights, it was really cool,” said SVG.

“I could still see quite a lot, the lights weren’t too bright in the eyes, but they were still bright enough for the TV to see well enough, and also for punters to see from the outside of the track.”

Lighting up the track might be one thing but places like pit lane, where some of the most important and drama-filled action can take place, will need to be up in lights as well – we can’t imagine changing tyres and adding fuel in the dark will be a lot of fun…

“It’s the simple stuff you don’t think about; the pits will be a lot darker than normal, so you won’t see much in the pit stops,” SVG continued.

“There will have to be lights everywhere, on things like the helmets so that you can see inside the car.

“As a driver you know where all your buttons are but at night, you might not be able to see them when you need them, so it’ll need to be lit up in the cabin somehow.

“So, that’s a whole bunch of things that you never have to think about that we’re going to have to start planning for.

Shane van Gisbergen of Red Bull Holden Racing Team during the , , , April 07, 2018.

“It’s pretty cool though, I’m excited.”

Yep, aside from the track there are a few things we might need to start focusing on. Ensuring the headlights work for a start!