Tasmania: Spinning our way south

The Melbourne 400 could not have shown our bulls two very different sides of the track when it came to performance.

At times it seemed more like a boxing match than a simple game of catch me if you can (yes you know exactly what we’re talking about here).

While we saw one side of the garage comfortably cruise around Albert Park, in the other corner things were just not going to happen for SVG and Car #97, no matter how hard they tried.

And although Car #97 may have hit a run of bad luck in Melbourne, Grant “Shippy” McPherson believes through perseverance the team will get back on top of their game on their own accord.

“The crew is very dedicated and self-motivated but at the same time to be a stronger and better team moving forward, we need to continue working on eliminating mistakes.

“We just couldn’t match the pace on the track in Melbourne,” said Shippy.

“We want nothing more than to get back to the front of the field, and we’re all working very hard to ensure that happens.”

Although coming off slightly less for wear post Melbourne, the other side of the Red Bull Holden Racing Team garage couldn’t agree more.

“Everyone at Tripe Eight is always motivated to go racing,” said Car #88 Race Engineer, David Cauchi.

“We are yet to score a win this year, so we are not only more determined to perform our best but even hungrier for success.

“We need to not only focus on improving ourselves as a team but also maximise every opportunity that comes our way, this way in the end the results we want will come,” said Cauchi.

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But there’s no time spent on dwelling in the past as the momentum builds for the Red Bull Holden crew, who face back to back racing weekends in Tasmania and Phillip Island.

“One of the key points to our preparations head of Tasmania is to actually try and not take everything away for the two rounds,” said Team Manager, Mark “Dutto” Dutton.

“We will do the majority of servicing at the race track at Symmons Plains after the event, with final preparations for Round 4 to be done at Phillip Island.

There has been a lot going on off the track so the focus will be on what’s happening on the track; car speed and minimising any possible errors.”

As the team goes straight from one track to the next without returning home, the much needed down-time will have to wait until Easter.

“You try and go as hard as is needed for the two weeks and then recharge with friends and family eating chocolate Easter eggs,” said Dutto.

There is a saying that third time’s a charm and with Round 3 of racing on the horizon, both drivers are keen to get back out on to the track and give it all they got for a win.

“I tell Jamie to go hard and have some fun, although I don’t think he needs me to tell him that,” said Cauchi.

Shippy adding, “There is nothing I could say that could possibly make Shane more motivated than he already is.”


Get bundled up as the Red Bull Holden Racing Team heads way down south to Tasmania to warm up the track and our fingers with live race updates on our Twitter account starting Friday, April 5th.


Jamie’s Predictions for Tasmania:

Fastest lap time on the track – 0:50.88

Who’s the one to watch in Tasmania – Tim Slade

Biggest Challenge in Tasmania – Staying warm.

Tasmania in three words –  Two headed army.

Favourite memory in Tasmania –  Winning doughnut attempt in 2008.


Shane’s Predictions for Tasmania:

Fastest lap time – 0:50.00

One to watch – The weather.

Biggest challenge – The hairpin.

Tasmania in three words – Short. Basic. Technical.

Favourite moment in Tasmania – 500 wins for Holden in 2016.