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Will Brown secures the Larry Perkins Trophy

Sunday Results

Will Brown – Car #87

Race 6 – Second

Drivers’ Championship Standings – First 

“Going into today I was pretty keen to get the Larry Perkins Trophy. I’ve driven with Jack (Perkins) for three years and became great mates with him and met Larry through that. There’s been some great names win this trophy and I was just excited to win it. Overall, we had a great weekend. I got three seconds in a row, so it would’ve been nice to get another win but it was still an awesome bank of points and great results all round and a great start to the year. I felt like a lot of people were racing really hard out there going for that one win. There were a couple of mistakes made, so I was able to pick a few drivers off and get up the front. I was able to get past Broc and tried as hard as I could to get the win, but we didn’t have the tyres to maximise it unfortunately.”

Broc Feeney – Car #88

Race 6 – Third

Drivers’ Championship Standings – Second 

“It’s been a really solid week overall for the team. To get three of the four wins and a couple of one-two finishes is great. For both of us to qualify sixth and ninth today and come through to finish second and third was fantastic. For myself, it felt like I had the opportunity to win the race, but I didn’t execute it perfectly. In saying that, I’m absolutely pumped for Nick (Percat) because he’s a great guy and he deserves to get a win because he’s been driving unreal this year. I now have to reflect on myself and how I could have done better in that race, and hopefully learn for the next one.”