A Platinum Night Out

What’s the best way to get the mechanics to clean the workshop? We’ll give you a hint, it happens about twice a year.

Yep, our annual T8M8 Member nights hosted at Triple Eight HQ, the best opportunity for our members to come and see what all the fuss is about, take a peek behind closed doors and hang out with the three musketeers, J-Dub, SVG and Lowndesy.

We’re currently sitting in a very clean workshop thanks to Thursday night’s Platinum Member night which kicked off with photos, canapes and questions from the crowd for the drivers.

Then, a quick quiz showed us how little our drivers know about anything outside of motorsport… Honestly, as much as you didn’t want to take any notice of the Royal Wedding, we all know who Prince Harry married, right?!

And it also seems RD hasn’t been receiving the birthday love since zero out of three of the drivers knew his birthday.

In the end, J-Dub and his teammate Michael won the quiz, with no thanks to J-Dub, and Michael walked home with a 2016 pit crew suit, ready for framing and hanging in the man cave.

He wasn’t the only lucky Member to get his hands on a prize though. There are always plenty of opportunities to win some awesome and unique bits of memorabilia throughout the night. Our M8 Paul even walked away with a whole fridge worth of Red Bull!

Luckily for their motorsport knowledge, the drivers were able to take our Platinum M8s on a personal tour of the workshop through sub-assembly, fabrication and the newly-renovated machine shop. It doesn’t get more behind-the-scenes than that!

Outside, used panels and some coveted race suits were waiting to be re-homed for someone to enjoy and add showcase in their pool room – we think that’s probably the only silver lining of a shunt.

Want to join in the fun next year? Sign up as a Platinum Member as soon as they’re released at the end of the year to secure your spot – they are hot property with just 88 Platinum Memberships available each year. Can’t wait that long? We’ve got a range of other packages to suit the whole family. Our second T8M8 night of the year for Gold, Silver and Junior Members is already in the pipeline, so what are you waiting for? Click here to browse Triple Eight Memberships.